Lennox Engineering Handbook For Approved System Matchups

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Be careful when removing the coil assembly from a unit installed in right or left hand applications. No concerns there actual leak test line from condenser to indoor blower taps pressure and from. PIPING PANEL REMOVAL AND PREPARING LINE SET Remove piping panel for easier access to service valves. The high temperatureprotection is for approved system be in. Indoor match up and indoor load cause pressures to vary. This time period must occur before a defrost cycle is initiated. Ensure power is off before cleaning.

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SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Read the instructions carefully before use and save them for future reference. Lennox HVAC Owners and Servicers Community Forum to get all answers regarding Lennox OEM parts and more. Allow braze joint to cool.

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INDOOR UNIT OUTDOOR UNIT WRAP SERVICE VALVE To protect components during brazing, wrap a wet cloth around the liquid line service valve body and copper tube stub and use another wet cloth underneath the valve body to protect the base paint.