Google Ads PPC Campaign For Small Business

By Amanda Krause

The Best Fiverr PPC Google Ads AdWords Services For Small Business

It’s Easier and More Affordable Than You Think.

Recently, Google AdWords has been rebranded to Google Ads, which has resulted to a bit of confusion for small businesses looking to take advantage of paid ads and PPC advertising to grow and promote their small business.

Many small businesses choose to create ads from their Google My Business account or otherwise on their “Smart Ads” (formerly AdWords Express) platform which doesn’t provide the best level of control, optimization and budget management.

Myth: I have to spend a lot of money to get a quality Google Ads PPC campaign set up, optimized and running.

There are some phrases that may sound familiar to you if you have been shopping for a professional or agency to build an effective Google Ads campaign for your business. A lot of these statements surround the fact that you may not be working with a large budget minimum or your business is simply too small.

Even if they decide to take your campaign setup on, you may be concerned that your setup is not getting the same attention as their more valuable, higher-budget clients.

Coming from an entrepreneurial, small business and small budget (or let’s be real, no budget) background, this is an attitude I simply do not believe in.

Although I have built and managed large-scale and complex enterprise and Fortune 500 level campaigns for corporations for over a decade, my heart still bleeds for the small business trying to get a good footing and get their business off the ground. Why? Because I have been there.

Seeing small businesses get swindled, taken advantage of or not given the highest-quality level of service just because their business or budget is small has always gotten to me.

I believe that a small business should get the same level-of service and care that large corporation and large budget accounts get.

Even more so, to be honest. Corporations have the budget and they want to spend it. Surprisingly, they often get angry when you don’t spend all of it. Yes, really.

Small businesses are often pulling marketing funds from their own pocket, investing in their own business growth and regardless of the budget size, it is often a huge investment for the small business owner. Getting a solid return and brand recognition without spending the entire budget is often a win for the small business, not something to get reprimanded for. The difference in attitude and goals are night and day.

This is the reason I offer my enterprise-level Google Ads PPC campaign builds and optimization services on Fiverr.

And yes, exclusively on Fiverr. I still work full-time for a large B2B Digital Marketing agency and the Fiverr platform offers me the simplest way to manage my time and best serve not only my employer and employer’s clients, but my small business clients as well.

My Fiverr services are valuable and regardless of who I work with, the campaign builds and optimization get the same attention and quality as my current agency’s enterprise B2B clients. I don’t care if you are spending $200/mo or $100K/mo, the service and quality are the same.

Additionally, I am a Fiverr Pro, which is the highest-level of hand-vetted professionals offering services on Fiverr.

If you are looking for the highest-quality Google Ads (formerly AdWords) services for your small business, check out my Fiverr profile and let’s get started on your small business success today!