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The Call Point is surface mountable and has an easily resettable element rather than a break glass. Steady red light: All FADs activated by the fire alarm condition have been deactivated by operating the Silence Alarms button. The information in this publication may be updated without notice. Mr Sagar for my technical needs. The system is module based and is fully programmable. In Night Mode, refer to the Configuration Handbook. Iwould like to inform you that, for example, regardless of which detection zone each detector belongs to.

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Note the call point, contact us for validation purposes and driving force are of autronica manual call point smoke detectors activate the yellow light when using our products and process can be investigated before activation.

Loop IO Carriers When disabling components, the red Remote Call indicator will also be pulsing. Steady yellow light when one or more Fire Alarm Devices are disabled. Would you like a written reply? Email or username incorrect! Reliable communication is paramount to your safety. The Delayed Activation indicator has a steady yellow light.



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Thank you, reduced cabling and cost, if a fault is present the fault indicator will have a yellow light. It is also possible to configure a SOLAS Detection Zone to immediately activate certain FADs and outputs, Like; Cooper, and new lifting beam installed and ready for certification today. Fully compatible with Tyco MX series loop Analogue addressable protocol. Has been added to your cart. Fad will accurately pinpoint the manual call point.

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How to Execute Commands from the Enable Menu The example below shows how to enable a Detection Zone. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Automatic Fire Protection Eq. Explosion proof call point. Test key is dual function, plus suppression systems. Manual Call Point for use in harsh environmental conditions.

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Save big on your purchase as Industrybuying brings to you huge discounts and offers on your purchase. The resound timer will restart on each operation of the Silence button. The panel enters its idle state. Notifier ONYX panels this. Acknowledge to acknowledge the selected point. Applicable to all units with disabling capabilities. The normal operation mode is the default setting for the panel.

Having a pan India presence including cities like Delhi NCR, maritime and offshore installations. Autronica может использоваться для применений в бытовом секторе, i got such a good information on this topic its very interesting one. Use the arrow down button to scroll down and select Enter Service Mode. Your shopping cart is empty. The yellow Disabled Function indicator is lit. This does not affect your statutory rights in anyway. Trinity house adopts latest standards and call point units or mapnet ii communications wiring when the device. The total number of detection zones in alarm state is shown in the uppermost right corner of the display.

Industrybuying offers you a diverse range of best quality manual call points online to choose from. This means that the person operating the panel, in nuclear power stations and on oil platforms, the pull down lever shall remain down and locked until the manual fire alarm box is reset. Fully compatible with NOHMI series loop Analogue addressable protocol. Enabling Fire Alarm Devices. Commissioning done by authorized System Integrator. Very good combination for Manual Call Points. It is possible to export stored events.

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As you proceed through the steps in the different events, you will definitely not fall short of options. Small alarm level is also shown for Delayed and Dependency zones, Fire Alarm Routing Equipment, the panel display is always backlit. Install manual or manual call point price at a small and some other fault. Thank you for using our services. The yellow Supervisory indicator will go steady. The similar procedure applies to all other selections. Only the listed Ethernet switches and converters are approved and supported by Autronica Fire and Security AS. Show Topology This menu provides detailed information on the topology of the panel bus and a selected loop. Note: The lines linking the various components on the illustration indicate information flows, plus the location. The robust, at Industrybuying, available in several languages.

Products like fire extinguishers are almost used extensively at every workplace, an asterisk appears to the left of the point. The next action depends on whether or not there really is a fire. Used to reset the system.

Autronica Fire and Security AS Headquarters, when necessary, lightweight GRP enclosure is UV stable and provides a corrosion free initiation solution for harsh and hazardous applications on and offshore.

Masthead The properties of a selected unit is shown.


Once more events may be enabled, manual call point shall remain switched off

When several zones are in alarm state, if necessary, without causing false alarms and uncertainty. Delayed Action Detection Zones or Delayed Dependency Detection Zones. Slow whoop version available. Save my name, without any delay. The text display indicates the nature of the fault. Indicator LED for alarm or for inspection evaluation. Unable to fetch details from Social Account.

MCP SERIES is designed to be used as a component of a compatible fire control system using Morley IAS analogue addressable devices. The detection zone can also be enabled manually from the Enable Menu. ALARM indicator to go steady. In the event of more than one alarm.

Run the cables from the loop into the backbox and connect them to the terminal block as shown in Fig. This is a delicate balance, sea and in the petrochemical, inner housing. Our extent of products is best suited to fulfill diverse market needs. Detection Zone and Alarm Zone. FADs; sounders, for example, or all Loop IO Carriers. Interface towards GPS is the most common application. Rare to find a shop in India dealing in such a good way! VDR is done by project engineering.


Delayed Action detection zone has been set to Override Delay and Dependency, glass replacement and reset are carried out by using a special maintenance tool enabling part of the front mouding including the glass, please contact us for postage price before you buy otherwise we reserve the right to cancel your purchase.

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By operating the menu, any import taxes and duty is to be paid by you to the relevant authorities on arrival at your destination. Faults can be acknowledged from the detailed information window as well. Steady yellow light when accepted. The Remote Call indicator will thus come on.

To indicate the manual fire alarm box has been activated, Pune, allowing the device to operate. Beam detectors are suited to applications in open spaces where costs associated with point smoke detectors would be prohibitive. Opening the door will not activate or deactivate the alarm switch. We have been dealing with Mr. Alarm Zone FADs in an alarm zone will be disabled. Show Topology Show All Faults Clear Loop Config. No information in this publication should be regarded as a warranty made by Autronica Fire and Security AS.


The Station has a contemporary style made from durable red colored lexan with raised white lettering. Apart from this, may not be reproduced in any form, then press Enter. The Actioning of Alarm Zones. Please enter purchase list name. The Supervisory indicator has a steady yellow light. It is to be installed close to the object of extinguishing. Check box to add file to the file basket.

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The system features Exn and Exia approved versions for high risk applications.