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By its judgment, the ECOWAS court has shown commitment to ensuring strict adherence to due process and the right to defence as it relates to detainees on death row.

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ECOWAS integration mandate and that the horizontal application of human rights by the ECCJ is crucial to substantive integration efforts in West Africa. These questions will be addressed in the subsequent discussions with specific reference to the role of the newly established African Court of Justice and Human rights. EAC Treaty conferred jurisdiction on the EACJ.

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See the attached Fact Sheet for links to relevant court documents, related resources, and Open Society Justice Initiative cases before the ECOWAS Court. This instrument is destined to regulate matters such as the organization of the court, competence of the court, procedure and the likes of these. The case concerned a series of fair trial violations argued by a group of applicants who had been arrested and detained by Mozambican, Kenyan, and Tanzanian police forces. Can European Law Stop Historical Revisionism?

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